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Owning your own home is the American Dream. That dream is more alive today then ever before. One of the first realizations a prospective home buyer comes to is that the "dream home" does not always seem affordable.

Buying a home has changed in the millennium. Before home buyers usually shopped for the best house they could find, then took out a loan. Today's buyers must shop for the best financing as for the best house. In today's market both tasks are equally important.

Experience has taught us that the buying process involves common stages to all home buyers.  To better prepare you for that process the Home Buyers Guide which will give you an overview from the planning table to the closing table.

This short guide could never answer all your questions. For specific answers we encourage you to consult one of our professional Realtor Associates. After all, helping you fulfill your home ownership  dream is our business.  
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Closing ( The Big Day)

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